Mercuriophilus Anglicus

13 Dec

This paper was at the request of Worshipful Ahmet Erdemir who wished to see our lodge informed of the man who called himself, Mercuriophilus Anglicus. Loosely translated it means the lover of Mercury or more pointedly, one in union with the change agent of transformation.

The Red Violin

3 Aug

We take a look under the curtains you might say, of the movie "The Red Violin".

Many miss the esoteric overtones in the movie so I have riddled out a few of them for your enjoyment. For example, as the movie progresses, you should take note that the Tarot cards The Hanged Man, The Devil, Justice, and Death—are actually describing the “life” of the Red Violin not Anna's or her unborn child.

The Suicide King

6 Jul

We’re going to examine the King of Hearts, AKA The Suicide King, as it has some special mentions to it’s credit that push it to the front for the purposes of our revelations (symbolic interpretation within a system), herein.

Whitheresoever Dispersed

14 Sep

This paper was originally an attempt to re-write Sixes and Sevens but since they have such a differing perspective I thought it best to keep Sixes and Sevens the way it is and introduce this next paper along the same lines.

Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tails

29 Aug

The idea behind this brief paper is that Truth is contained in all things, whether or not the exposition of Truth was the intent of it's creator.

Ode To Brother Rex

10 Jun

Brother Rex had asked me to write a paper with simple declarative sentences as a way of helping me reach my audience. I don't think it helped much, what do you think?

Sixes & Sevens

10 Jun

“But time will not permit: all is uneven, and every thing is left at six and seven”

Shakespeare is speaking directly to the inner vertical state of being that our illusion of time will not permit us to address, and so our inner state is left at Sixes and Sevens. This paper in no small way is about the shocking Truth of getting past the state of Being at Sixes and Sevens.


19 May

A Mothers Day Poem -

The key to this poem is given away by the above illustration and found in the line, "Our daily bread".

See Pater Noster

Pater Noster

11 Feb

I won’t bore you with the details but... this paper didn’t come about because I carefully choose it’s contents. But rather, as before, the paper found
a way despite the roadblocks of my own short comings to make it’s way among you.

The Sator Rotas square illustrated above is a perfect example of a message finding you..

The Caduceus

8 Sep

Lets start out with a little background or history surrounding the Caduceus so that we might have a sense of just how prevalent and far back this symbol integrates with known doctrine, Mythology or Mysticism.

Caduceus is the name given to a number of different symbolic wands, first appearing in ancient Mesopotamian cultures around 2600 BC. These wands generally consisted of two serpents or basilisks twisted around a rod, but not always.

Abstractly Forgotten

31 Jul

The black figure represents the LUNAR Sophia, who has descended into matter, to become caught in it. “The black depths have covered my face and the earth is corrupt and sullied in my works...

A Man And His Dog

22 May

I wrote this poem years ago, when Roxy and I took morning walks together. There are some experiences that are almost impossible to relay to others that have not had the experience, this is one of them.

Adobe XLI Bolo

18 May

This is a conceptual drawing of a Lodge bolo for Adobe Lodge 41. The main design elements are the 10 bulls of Qigong, Alchemy, Kabbalah, G, Latin motto, checkered floor. There will be some colored enameling with significance as well.

I'll update this post with new photo's as the project continues.

Peculiar Masonry

26 Mar

All I want for Christmas is a hippopotamus...
Only a hippopotamus will do...
No crocodiles or rhinoceroseses...
Because only a hippopotamus will do...
And a hippopotamus would love me too...
        Christmas song - “Gayla Peevey”

What a peculiar start to a Masonic paper. But peculiar is as peculiar does, in context. And this point, the point of context, is what I would most like to illustrate at the start so that at some future point we may come back to this most peculiar start and close out this most peculiar paper, in a most peculiar way.

The Urge To Beauty

14 Oct

"Beauty is an elusive power whose presence is an invisible asset, whose absence leaves a supreme need unfulfilled." Manly P. Hall

Not long ago a Brother made the comment that although he didn't always understand my papers content, they sure were good looking. The good looking part, the urge to a beautiful presentation takes an honest effort to achieve but I find that it is well worth the trouble.

Recently, I took the time to edit and illustrate an old copyright free paper, "A Bunch Of Keys", that although was beautifully written by MW Bro. G. Roy Long, it lacked that the visual essence and fulfillment of beauty. 

Imaginary Godness

6 Aug

But alas, there is no need of soft flesh in hard places, nor of caution or forethought when eating deboned fish.

And now I fear, I may do you wrong by tossing out the hard bone pitcured above, fresh with the ginned marrow of my words, wherein the soft flesh as comes well recommend, is not promised.

The Comfortable Mason

12 Apr

The other night I was again accused of writing for myself and not the greater audience of the Master Masons of Adobe Lodge 41. 

It is true that I write in a style pleasing to myself, but that doesn't necessarily lead to the conclusion that I write for myself. The style is pleasing to me in that I can effectively write about complex topics in a short space. And for those that are willing or ready to slow down and read the works within the manifold signification of esoteric terms...

Wedding Prayer

8 Apr

Theresa and I exchanged a few words at our wedding in front of friends and family. I thought I'd post this prayer in case anyone who was there was interested in hearing these words again or just wanted to remember Theresa's smile.

Conceptual Magic

6 Apr

adobe lodge 41 bob kille conceptual magic

This paper is the third and final in a series of papers written on the topic of the Three Great Lights of Freemasonry.

With this paper I hope to present an explanation of how symbols representing the Three Great Lights might lead us to deeper thoughts on inspirational knowledge ( conceptual magic ) and our  access to it, by degree.

Tolerance – Either Way

18 Mar

Having recently bared a rough draft of my latest paper “Conceptual Magic & The Ray of Creation”, to critical review I was at one and the same time, relived and disappointed.

This time, more than the others...

The Metaphor

5 Dec

In giving my amends for a paper presented this night to the Lodge I became aware of just how aware I was, at what's being said...

Mission Impossible

5 Nov

This my second attempt at a Fellowcraft paper in which the topic for discussion was to be the Three Great Lights of Freemasonry. Included is a companion introduction that I wrote for the presentation of the paper.

This paper outlines an attempt at divining a new mission statement for our Traditional Observance Lodge using a biblimancy technique by way of the Tarot.

In Between The Lines

2 Nov

Some late night fun remembering a recent mentor session with Most Worshipful.

L’Enfant Terrible – Presentation

2 Nov

This is the presentation piece for "Flight Of The Crow".

It was written to expound and lead one into the manifold significations of words as pertains to esoteric thought. 

The title reflects some of my feelings as an outcast during this period of taking what I can, giving nothing back. Ha, ha.

Flight Of The Crow

2 Nov

I had a great time writing this paper, at least I'm sure I must have, as I've been accused of writing it for myself instead of a hoped for audience.

This paper most likely won't go down as my best work, although for me, it's gonna be a long time favorite. Let's just say that in the writing and submitting of this paper, and it's companion piece "L'Enfant Terrible", I have marked my smiles in the shade of rejection.

In A Brothers Midst

31 Oct

This particular bit of writing was inspired after receiving some unfavorable feedback on my first Entered Apprentice paper. Well, that and the mead soaked planks under my feet at the Shriners Temple.

The Finer Dust

30 Oct

This is a very personal poem for me as it represents an actual experience I had just after covering over Bo's grave.

For those of you who question the presence of our loved ones after passing, I have no doubt. Bo spoke and gave me a WORD, a message, for her Mom.

Begging For My Kisses

30 Oct

I wrote this poem thinking about married life and the journey it represents. 

Ontological Balderdash

30 Oct

Wrote this late night rant just for the fun of it after a paper, "A Most Pregnant Pause", was not accepted because it wasn't a referenced paper.

I still think there's something to be said for not writing referenced papers as it colours your thoughts as well as the readers. Anyway, just a fun late night rant to light my smiles amongst the shade.

Haunted Man Trinity – EA Paper Presentation

30 Oct

A presentation / speech, on the second paper submitted for the Entered Apprentice degree work at Adobe Lodge #41.

I can only hope that you, my reader, will get past any stylistic shadings and grab onto a gem or two within.

The paper to which this presentation was written for, "Hanged Man Trinity", is posted below.

Hanged Man Trinity

29 Oct

A previous post, Haunted Man Trinity was the presentation crafted to enhance this particular work in which I explain the perfect points of entrance in terms of Virtue or power to do, by way of resistance.

Without friction or resistance, there is no growth or right action to an upper ideal, concept or thought form. Without resistance, we can not have direction or dimension, from which a start can be made.

Acres Of Diamonds

2 Aug

Recently, I've been writing a Masonic paper on the use of inspiration in writing.

One of the tenants you must obey in order to SEE the inspired word, thought or idea is that you must believe with conviction, that the inspiration will come tho we know not where from. You must always be open to receive your answer wether it is in physical form or not. 

Men Of John

31 Jul

I was privileged enough to attend the EA mentoring class given by Master Ron Richards this past Saturday.

With about 9 masons and three EA’s in attendance. After four hours we were about half way through the catechism with much discussion between us. I was struck by how much the catechism and the lecture coincided as we slowly went through it passage by passage. Like most newly made EA’s,  I suspect, I had not done my reading of the Lecture as directed, but scooted on to other readings that seemed to be so much more important and enticing.

A Most Pregnant Pause

30 Jul

This, my second Entered Apprentice paper (rough draft only), which I really liked, was rejected as a submission for my requirements as it was not considered a researched paper. Alas, maybe I'll clean it up one day and present it after I make my grade.

Buddy’s Forever

30 Jul

Last month our 14 year old Yellow Lab was having trouble getting up and combined with his other issues it seemed like we were going to lose him soon. I'm happy to say, he recovered and is doing fine for now. I wrote this poem with the thought of true love in mind as Buddy has never shown me anything less.

July 10th, Kelp is Fun!!!

10 Jul

I had the pleasure of teaching a couple of 5th graders during Theresa's summer camp, the use of wordpress and how to post some images and such. The image reflects the theme and instruction of the day. The planets oceans and KELP!

Etched Upon Thy Cheek..

15 Jun

Many are those that said they understood my pain and gave advice on how to move on after my dog "Roxy" passed away. I always smiled and nodded to be polite.  I published this poem in hope it may help another poor soul, nod and smile, through all the well intentioned but mis-guided advice.

Fair And Enticing Words

15 May

Fair And Enticing Words...  The first of two papers needed for the Entered Apprentice degree work at Adobe Lodge #41.


The lodge is a traditional observance lodge and as such employs the use of "The Chamber Of Reflection" just before initiation. All new members are required to relate their experience in the chamber...